Participants pose for a group photo after training on Human rights and use of digital tools to reduce gender inequality.

Human rights, including women’s rights, are as important online as they are offline. If gender dimensions of ICT are identified and addressed, ICT can be a powerful catalyst for political and social empowerment of women and young people, and a tool to promote gender equality.

This is the reason CIDD-UG integration of ICT skilling into her programming as a tool for innovation and ensuring that no one is left behind in achieving sustained community change.

CIDD-UG is aware that communities can only thrive and proposer when the young population in the communities where we operate are empowered in all our program areas. We are therefore striving to leverage access of the youth to information and entrepreneurship so as to enhance socio-economic development of communities within project support area of Bukedi Sub region.

For the month of August 2022 alone, CIDD-UG has mobilized and built capacity of 280 young people in the area of strategic use of digital tools to enhance leadership and entrepreneurship in the districts of Pallisa and Kibuku, in line with National priority areas aligned to NDPIII.