Nakyewe Damali, a businesswoman from Ivukula Sub County.

“As a businesswoman, I have experienced harassment from male tax collectors during revenue collection but have not seen tangible improvements in the services provided in return” said One Nakyewe Damali a businesswoman from Ivukula Sub County, who participated in the taxpayers’ interface meeting.

The taxpayers’ interface meetings by CIDD-UG and Action Aid International Uganda offer a significant platform for businesswomen and young people to advocate for accountability in local revenue management. These meetings empower women and young people to address issues such as tax abuse, harassment, and the lack of transparency in revenue handling. A participating businesswoman shared instances of unaccounted taxes, leading to a lack of community benefits.

These meetings enabled these women to voice concerns and demand transparency from local authorities. The dialogue fosters a direct link between taxes and improved services, motivating citizens to contribute willingly.

The lack of transparency had hindered revenue growth, eroding trust. This initiative rebuilds that trust by emphasizing resource allocation to crucial services. Overall, these meetings empower businesswomen and communities to demand equitable revenue utilization, fostering positive change and trust in local leadership.