Participants at public lecture organized by CIDD-UG in partnership with Papa Keith Vocational Institute in Pallisa District Eastern Uganda.

When youth and women are mobilized and engaged in democratic governance processes, they contribute greatly to ensure that development programs and projects of government are designed to impact positively on their livelihoods. To achieve this, CIDD-UG in partnership with Papa Keith Vocational Institute (PKVI) Pallisa continue to organize public lectures aimed at to facilitating governance debates and accountability engagement for improving service delivery and youth opportunities in development agenda.

The public lectures continue to provide platforms for the young people to bring to light key challenges the youth face in the region that government isn’t often aware of. For many times local governments in the region do not integrate key priority issues into planning and budgeting process yet the subnational budget allocations should cater for needs and demands of the youth in the development process. During the public lecture engagements, the issue papers are generated and presented to duty bearers in the local government budget implementation performance review meetings and regional stakeholders’ workshops while explaining the emerging issues raised by the youth and women to support local government planning and budgeting process as well as advocacy engagement in the region.

With increasing support from the regional academic institutions and participation of development experts in policy discussions, CIDD-UG is confident that we are building prudent force in championing their own cause for advocacy and policy in the development process at regional and national levels.