People living with disability presenting their key demands for electoral and constitutional amendments ahead of 2026.

CIDD-UG Provides a Platform for People Living With a Disability to Advance...

We, as CIDD-UG, come from the tradition of human rights and continue to cultivate an environment where citizens seek an ever-closer union between them and their government. Our principles are that the will of the people shall be the basis for the authority of government (as from Article 21 of the... .../Read More!

Young people envisioning session and sharing their dream for support and actualization.

Re-Imaging Young People’s Future Collectively

CIDD-UG has continued to strategically mobilize and organize young people to have candid reflection on how to make the vision for their future today’s reality. This deliberate move has equally helped young people who are beneficiaries of the CIDD-UG intervention to launch personal brands that fully... .../Read More!

Participants at public lecture organized by CIDD-UG in partnership with Papa Keith Vocational Institute in Pallisa District Eastern Uganda.

Strengthening collaborations with academic institutions for prudent youth...

When youth and women are mobilized and engaged in democratic governance processes, they contribute greatly to ensure that development programs and projects of government are designed to impact positively on their livelihoods. To achieve this, CIDD-UG in partnership with Papa Keith Vocational... .../Read More!

Participants in governance and service delivery training sessions In Kibuku District

CIDD-UG enhances civic consciousness among 125 community and COBs leaders in...

Capacity building and mentorship continues to be the core of CIDD-UG intervention in championing actions towards enhancing young people and women active participation in governance and service delivery improvement agenda in Bukedi sub region. CIDD-UG is alive to the fact that if it has to enhance... .../Read More!

Young people undergoing practical computer usage sessions at CIDD-UG digital Hub.

Addressing the challenges of youth empowerment and job creation in eastern...

CIDD-UG in this reporting period is focusing on digital experience and leadership due to rapid growth of digital technology nationally and globally and yet not matched by young peoples’ capacities to adapt. Digital skills and solutions are essential to addressing the challenges of youth empowerment... .../Read More!

Participants pose for a group photo after training on Human rights and use of digital tools to reduce gender inequality.

Using ICT and digital tools for enhancing socio-economic transformation of...

Human rights, including women’s rights, are as important online as they are offline. If gender dimensions of ICT are identified and addressed, ICT can be a powerful catalyst for political and social empowerment of women and young people, and a tool to promote gender equality. This is the reason... .../Read More!

Some of the Young People Undergoing Training on Evidence Based Advocacy conducted by CIDD-UG

CIDD-UG Builds Capacity of 125 Young People from Eastern Uganda in Social...

Budgets are the blueprint for resource mobilization, allocation, and utilization in communities grappling with poverty and social vulnerabilities. Undertaking evidence based and informed successful budget advocacy requires that facts must be laid on table to be able to influence decisions of... .../Read More!

Young people undergoing a digital skilling Programme at CIDD-UG digital Hub

Daring to Shift: CIDD-UG uses ICT to Help Accelerate Progress towards Young...

ICT can help accelerate progress towards every single one of the 17 SDGs. It creates prerequisites for being part of the global network and links dynamic flow of information, fast communication, and easy access to improved opportunities for young people from rural populations. It also reduces on... .../Read More!

Call for Applications for the ICT, Entrepreneurship and 21st Century skills...

Are you a youth? Are you in school or out of school? Are you passionate about leadership? Are you resident in Pallisa or Kibuku? This is a perfect opportunity for you!!! CIDD-UG welcomes all eligible and interested youth to apply and take part in our digital skills leadership training program, to... .../Read More!

...but Are women and young people aware about the intentions of the PDM?

Making PDM work for Women “PDM as a magic bullet for empowering women in Uganda”

The goal of Parish Development Model (PDM) is socio economic transformation for movement of Uganda from peasant to middle income country. It is based on improved productivity of households and enterprise at parish level as a fulcrum of development intervention. However, participation of poor women... .../Read More!

CIDD-UG Leads other CSOs to Demand Improved Healthcare in Pallisa District.

Healthcare is a driver of the overall community wellbeing. Effective Rural healthcare has the potential to generate economic vitality and create professional, non-professional and enable masses to concentrate on ancillary green employment opportunities that can in turn translate into household... .../Read More!

CIDD-UG Dialogues with Health Practitioners and Other Service Providers to...

The right to health is not a right to be healthy: it is a right to facilities, goods, services and conditions that are conductive to the realisation of the right to health, such as water, sanitation, good environment etc. At the heart of the right to health is a functioning health system,... .../Read More!

Leaving No One Behind: CIDD-UG Strikes a Partnership with Busitema University...

Leaving No One Behind: CIDD-UG Strikes a Partnership with Busitema University to run Public Lectures to Induce Public Private Partnership for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Partnerships for the 2030 Agenda should be inclusive, within principle of an equal weight of CSOs, Academia,... .../Read More!

Okiror Francis CIDD-UG plants a tree at PALLISA CPS as The RDC Pallisa Mr. Magid Dikusoka, Town clerk, DPC Look on.

Getting Started: CIDD-UG engages Local Leadership for Climate Change

Do you know that our inaction now leads to higher costs later? The risks we are facing on climate change are of today, right now and we need to act now. “As CIDD-UG, we have been engaging with various institutions and the Local population in order to confront the impacts of climate change as well... .../Read More!

National Hygiene and Sanitation Week 2022, Come we Clean our Town

National Hygiene and Sanitation Week - theme: Good Hygiene and Sanitation for Strengthening COVID-19 Response. Come we clean our town, Pallisa from 24th March, 2022 to 4th April, 2022.

Public Lecture at Busitema University on SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

Topic: Putting Hygiene and Sanitation into Perspective: "Is it sanitation hardware or behavioral change that will lead the world into achievement of SDG 6 on Clean Water and Sanitation?"

8% of UWEP Enterprises are Successful in Pallisa District – CIDD-UG Research

Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP) is one of the core programmes under the second National Development Plan (GoU, 2015). UWEP, whose operations started in Financial Year 2015/16, was designed to address the challenges women face in undertaking economically viable enterprises including... .../Read More!

Afande Okwamor james OC CFPU PALLISA CPS- during anti GBV community senstisation meeting in kameki s/c pallisa District.

CIDD-UG, ACTION AID PDLG AND UPF stage a joint spirited fight against GBV...

Gender violence is, in general, related to a predominant cultural model based on maleness. The fight against gender violence either against women or young girls cannot leave out of consideration those actions in support of the cultural changes that have to deal with the gender inequalities and... .../Read More!