Participants during accountability meeting (Baraza) in Kameke S/C in Pallisa District by CIDD-UG

To promote accountability of leaders towards gender responsive service delivery, CIDD-UG facilitated accountability platforms for citizens to engage with their leaders with the successful organization of 2 grassroots meetings in Pallisa and Kibuku districts, brought together 323. Out of 323 beneficiaries 150 were females and 173 were male citizens and leaders. This demonstrates a proactive approach for addressing community needs.

The ability of community members to extract service delivery commitments from leaders is a significant step toward ensuring accountability. It's commendable that specific issues such as the urgent need for opening community roads to facilitate access for expectant mothers in Kabweri community in Kibuku district and addressing the lack of delivery beds for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) was raised during the baraza meeting in Kameke sub county-Pallisa district.

The action plans developed for follow-up mechanisms is crucial for ensuring that the commitments made by leaders are implemented effectively. Following up on these commitments will not only address immediate concerns like road accessibility and healthcare facilities but will also establish a framework for continued accountability and responsiveness from the leaders. These efforts are vital for creating positive change at the grassroots level and fostering a sense of community engagement and empowerment, all aimed at promoting accountability and gender-responsive service delivery in Bukedi sub region.

“Accountability does not exist where there is no respect for Human Right” police argued to ensure respect for Human and People’s rights in all their dealings.