Tegiike Yidi from Nsinze S/C

Meet Tegiike Yidi 28-year-old young businessman from Nsinze Sub County in Namutumba District.
Tegiike Yidi's transformation began with his participation in a taxpayers’ interface organized by CIDD-UG, which shifted his perspective on community development and taxation. Prior to this and like many young people, he had little understanding of the importance of taxes for local growth.

The engagement highlighted how taxes fund essential services and projects that benefit the community. Tegiike Yidi recognized the role of local business owners in contributing to community development through taxes and felt they should also participate responsibly. This newfound knowledge inspired Tegiike Yidi to start advocating for tax justice and accountability. He realized the power of collective voices, especially among young people, in demanding fairness from leaders and business owners.

Tegiike Yidi's journey from ignorance to empowerment exemplified how structured engagements like CIDD-UG's tax interface meetings can drive positive change. He aimed to inspire others to understand their role in community development and stand up for their rights.

Tegiike Yidi's story underscores the potential for transformation when informed and engaged individuals unite. His experience serves as a reminder of the significance of every voice and the collective impact it can have on both local communities and broader society.