Kataike Shakilah a young person from Kabweri Sub County in Kibuku district boldly raising a question during Baraza by- CIDD-UG

CIDD-UG is actively working to strengthen youth voices, participation, and social accountability in the Bukedi sub-region. Our approach of empowering young people and ensuring their active involvement in public affairs is crucial for the overall development and progress of any community.

The Implementation of social accountability mechanisms (Barazas) in Pallisa and Kibuku district where youth are provided with spaces to actively identify service delivery gaps and provide feedback on effectiveness of public services and government initiatives has revealed immense benefits to young people whose voices hard been avoided for long.

Over 200 grassroots citizens with majority being young people are provided with a structured platform to actively engage with local government leaders. This direct interaction facilitates open dialogue, enabling youth to express their concerns, ideas, and expectations directly to decision-makers at sub county and district level.

By identifying service delivery gaps and providing feedback on public services, Barazas played a vital role in improving the quality of services. Youth participation ensures that the issues affecting them directly, such as education, healthcare, and employment opportunities, are highlighted and addressed effectively.

The community engagement meeting with majority youth and women is not only working to promote transparency by allowing citizens and or majority marginalized groups to hold government officials accountable for their actions, but also fosters transparency and trust between the community and the local government, leading to more accountable governance practices.

Through Barazas, we witnessed young Activista movement leaders trained by AAU emerge and ask critical questions that affect them in their communities, gesturing increased young people confidence to challenge the power centers for the status quo.