People living with disability presenting their key demands for electoral and constitutional amendments ahead of 2026.

We, as CIDD-UG, come from the tradition of human rights and continue to cultivate an environment where citizens seek an ever-closer union between them and their government. Our principles are that the will of the people shall be the basis for the authority of government (as from Article 21 of the Universal Declaration); that all people are born and remain free and equal in rights. This is why we have provided a Platform for People Living With a Disability to advance their voices to enhance inclusive democracy.

We believe that, if those principles are to live, people must continually re-invent and improve democracy, extend those rights to those who are unable to fully realize them and give those who do enjoy them the opportunity to develop them further.
As one of the ways CIDD-UG uses to nature and grow democracy in Uganda, we have taken a bold step to organize and encourage people to embark on their role as citizens and go deeper into communities to engage in more inclusive and equal democratic conversations using unique approaches not limited to Rural Democracy Ride and Grand Citizen Democracy Debates.

“Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life”- Emma Thompson.

“As people with visual impairment we have not voted since elections began in this country and likewise majority people living with hearing impairment have never benefited from voter education interventions that have been planned and conducted by Government, NGOs, and other institutions. Even though all people have a right to participate in the political affairs of their country, these rights have also been limited to only able-bodied persons, creating more vulnerability for persons living with disabilities.

Early planning by Government to meaningfully involve the disadvantaged groups in the upcoming 2026 general elections should urgently be prioritized through pushing for amendments in the electoral laws to provide for brails for the visually impaired and interpreters to benefit the people with hearing impairment. We do not want to be reminded about our disabilities but rather be supported to ensure that we are respected and live a dignified life,” said Katooko in one of the engagements organized by CIDD-UG in partnership with FOWODE in Pallisa District in Bukedi sub region Eastern Uganda.